64 years ago you said yes to my offer to go steady! 

63 years ago on 9/14/1959 you got off the school bus and said it was over. On my birthday 9/25/59 you made it final. 

We didn't make it through the Summer ( seriously, my behavior with the school and your family) and the six months Dec 17, 1958-June 17, 1959 were the happiest and the saddest  days of my life. 


There was a teenager hangout run by the Catholic Church in Santa Clara called “The Whatsit”. The name derived from no one remembering the actual name of the City of Santa Clara Catholic Community Civic Center. So it became the “Whatsit”. Anyway it was a great place with a tv room, pool table room, restaurant and very large dance hall with a stage for live performances. So every weekend starting with Friday night, parents would drop off their kids and pick them up at 11:30 P.M. They played the top 100 Rock n Roll records and we would dance. Now the chaperones would rush in from time to time to push their arms out and between you and your girl so there would be no “Intentional Rubbing or Squeezing of Bodies”. All in all it was like the “Dick Clark Dance TV Show”. Now the cool part was you could arrive with the large crowd of teens and drift off and down the street to be picked up by a friend with a car. The same would happen with the girls. The Adventurous ones would meet their older boyfriends down the street because you couldn’t get in if over eighteen. You would return right when the parents showed up at 11:30 p.m. in long noisy lines and meld into the crowd returning to their parent’s cars to be picked up. You would have about 3 hours to drag the main, park in John’s or Mel’s or Spivey’s drive-ins and have a coke or go park and make-out. So she and I used to meet at the Whatsit and dance. Then her friends Shirley and Ron suggested we sneak out one night and ride around in his classic car. We did and she sat on my lap and we cruised the drive-ins as we kissed. We got back just in time to slip out and meld with the crowd and her father picked her up. So your thinking “Is this going anywhere”. 

One day we made plans for my girl to slip out with Shirley and they would all come to my apartment on Dunster Dr., just down the road from the Whatsit. So nighttime came and I waited and waited and waited and they never showed up and no phone call from the Whatsit. The next Monday at school she told me there were many, many girls using the phone so she couldn’t call and Ron was late so they had to go in and couldn’t get out past the door chaperone. Then that next Wed. the school had a Roller Skating Night and I was waiting for the school bus to take us to the rink when Carol Gates asked to see me around the back of the building before my girl showed up. She then told me that she was told by Shirley that my girl left with Shirley and another boy and got in Ron’s car last Friday. Shirley told her it was my girls plan to go out with the other boy. Carol was as honest as they come and I was stunned to tears. I gathered my composure and met my girl at the bus area and before we boarded I asked if it was true. She teared up and said yes. ( I could have and should have turned around, never looked back and walked away, gone to live with my grandmother in another city)  She said she sat on his lap and kissed him. Obviously it was planned in advance. I said to myself, “This will not last”. I forgave her and we roller skated, returned to the school and her father picked her up. We never spoke about it again even when she did it again. 

But before the above problem came along we had the Latin Club Dinner incident where the Latin Club members had to serve the dinner to guests. Ron was in the club and asked if I wanted to go to the drive-in to see the new Bridget Bardot movie after we were off at 9 p.m. So I say yes since I was going to walk down to my girls street to sneak a brief meeting at the house she babysat at on Friday nights. Just a quick hello since Ron didn’t want to be late for the movie. Sounds slick doesn’t it. Gonna see her, but quick and gone, instead of hanging around for a couple of hours on the porch. Well we show up and she comes out of the babysitting house (I should mention it was just 6 doors down from her house, requiring caution) She is just stunningly beautiful. Beautiful dress, hair and full makeup. Wow! What a knock out. She comes to my window, says hello, gives me a peck kiss and says “I love you” and we say goodbye, off to the drive-in. Well after the  Whatsit occurred the next month it donned on me that ‘who gets showered, dressed, beautiful lipstick and makeup, doesn’t give a big kiss just a little peck and sends me on my way quick’. Yep Shirley, Ron and my girl engineered my being away from the babysitting house on an extended visit so someone else could stop by and see her. A kid with a car maybe, maybe even the same kid who snuck out with her in the Whatsit deal. I am sure she was babysitting that night, just cheating on me. Of course I only put it all together this year 2022. I know I’m a little slow but I loved her and trusted her completely. My Bad.

Interesting story. (I think) 

So it’s February 1959, Buddy Holly is dead and our romance is in full Bloom. One of her friends invites her to a slumber party and a Cherry Tree Orchard cherry picking party. One of her girlfriend’s boyfriends agrees to bring me to the party. His name was David Mussey and we go to the party. Everybody walks across the street and we pick cherries and bring them back to the house. The party is in the garage. Everyone is dancing and finally my girl and I go into the backyard and kiss. Suddenly Tommy Edwards “Please Love Me Forever” starts playing. My girl brought the 45 rpm I gave her to the party and had a friend play it when we went into the backyard. It was our song. Up till then we had been kissing normally and from time to time she would wipe her hand across her lips and I thought that was funny. So I asked her to kiss me and touch the tip of her tongue to mine. She did and from then on our kisses were significant. We went out front and sat in David’s car. We pretended that I was driving and how we would be driving places together in my car someday. It became late and David took me home. What a great night. Close to 20 years later I was on patrol and got a call for a dune buggy fatality on Foxworthy and Camden. When I walked up to the body I was told the guy was racing his dune buggy in the vacant lot and it flipped over on his neck and killed him. When I rolled him over it was Dave Mussey. His girl friend was named Sherry Schmidt and I bought her parents home in 1978. In the Master Bedroom on a wooden closet door was a heart with DM loves SS carved in it. Life is strange.

Interesting story. (In my view) 

One day while we were at lunch break at Campbell High. You mentioned that the neighbor boy (same age) had once been talking to you over the back fence and grabbed at you. This was obviously in the past but you had just the previous weekend forgot to have me over to meet your parents. I had gotten a haircut and earned cab fare and was waiting at my phone to head on down to your house to meet your parents and thereby be able to see you more often. Terribly disappointed and felt you were either ashamed of me or your parents didn’t want to have anything to do with me. This was a unjustified anger because I didn’t think about a welfare kid with no father, a dysfunctional mother who didn’t see me 6 days out seven. She had a job as a child counselor at Eastfield Home For Disturbed Children. I always thought that was a fantastic joke if ever there was one. 

Anyway, I pondered on how to show your parents of my protective feelings for you. Ah Ha! I ‘ve got i. I’ll go down to her next door neighbor’s house and call out the kid. That’ll show them. Talk about horrible judgment , from a kid that until the recent haircut looked like he just jumped out of the motion picture The Wild Ones with Marlin Brando or Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean or more like Lords Of Flatbush. I went down to the house and called the kid out and accused him. His dad and mom came out and so did her Mom and dad and I was there to avenge her honor as my switchblade knife fell out of my shirt pocket and everything went down hill from there.  I picked it up and took off before one of the fathers grabbed me by the nap of the neck and kicked me in the butt. I went home thinking I might have screwed up royally. Yep, and then the next day I realized I had done it to vent my anger at her. No, she didn’t break up with me and everything stayed the same. No wonder her parents wanted nothing to do with me and waited until summer to ship her off to relatives until school started again. In the fall she finally realized what a loser I was and dumped me the first day of school. That’s the day I decided to make something of myself but I really never got over her after she completely stopped loving me.

Interesting story. ( for me) 1950 at ten I started exhibiting symptoms. Loss of weight, fevers, infections and soak and wet night sweats. Slum kids on welfare don’t get much medical care. Leukemia was the answer and a horrible struggle until 1957 into the spring of 1958 at  Sloan Kettering Institute. Remission out of nowhere and my hair started growing back and I regained my mobility just in time to go back to school for the first time in years. A move from the project slums in San Francisco to Campbell, California and the first day I saw her with her boyfriend going to classes. Later that day I found her going into my English class with Mrs. Couch. A one-sided Love Affair at first Sight. Three months later she was walking to class without the boyfriend, so my hair was back and trained into a pompadour and a DA comb in back. Dark Blue nylon waist length jacket with white fuzzy lining, white t-shirt, tight pegged dark blue jeans and white buck shoes. From time to time I would flirt with her and call her beautiful as a nick name. I started walking her to class and carrying her books and running like hell to get to my class before the tardy bell rang, all very coolly. Finally, just before Xmas I was walking her to class and we stopped just across from the snack bar and I asked her if she wanted to go steady. She said she didn’t know and asked why she should. I was a bit stung. I had one pair of Levi’s, three T-shirts. 5 pair of socks and one pair of white buck shoes and my confidence dropped for a moment until I caught myself and said “If you don’t you’ll never know what you missed”. Really dumb, but it worked and she said alright. She gave me her phone number and I took her hand and we walked to her next class. Happiest day of my entire life now and then. She was intelligent, gorgeous and the most beautiful girl I would ever see again and for six months, mine. I never laid a hand on her, but my eyes adored her. It was always two drop dead gorgeous teens who looked like they were born for each other, but it was always a one sided love affair. 

I wanted to tell her that I had cancer and one day while we were walking she stopped, turned around and said she had a confession to make. My heart stopped, I thought “Oh No, she realizes I’m a loser and she’s going to dump me, why didn’t I see it coming”. Instead she told me that because of her English name no one knew she was half Mexican and her real mother had died of cancer when she was seven. Well now I couldn’t tell her about my secret and cause her to be afraid of going on with me and my dying from cancer. So for the next 6 months life was great. She was unfaithful a few times and left me without warning on my following birthday. I was stunned but I realized she took my mind off all my previous bad luck and the deep deep fear of dying for a 9 month period. Long enough to start to survive again and for that I will always thank her profusely and any pain I may have caused her I deeply regret and apologize. 

Well the cancer returned alright but not until I was 76 years old.

Interesting  story, (to me) Remember when we were heading to see my  apartment across from the school on Dunster Dr? We stopped behind the Baseball Bleachers and we kissed. Out of nowhere comes Mr. Culp telling us to "stay right there". He came up and pretended to write down our names and sent us to the office. I told you to tell him that I caught you by surprise and it was a forced kiss. I don't know what you did do but our lunch periods were changed till the end of the school year. I ran into Mr. Crawford at San Jose State in the 70's and Mr. Crawford in the 80's  and had a casual conversation about how it all came to be. Mr. Clup said it was no accident. Your parents were very concerned about me, generally a loser at the school in many ways. So they worked out a supervision program with Mr. Ercig, Mrs. Couch and Mr. Crawford. Culp knew where my apartment was and watched us every day after the call from your parents. This was for weeks. He was advised of our movement toward the apartment which was a considerable distance from the school building area. When he was told that it looked like we were leaving Campus, he jumped in his car just behind his office and drove to Latimer and Dunster and parked. We came along, stopped and kissed and he rushed over to catch us. They were right and all of them did the right thing. Mr. Crawford said he had been successful in the past with other teenage romances. He said "Separation"  and  "Out of Sight and out of mind was a good formula until they could passively separate us" with the summer.  Me being Me and that plan worked. Mr. Crawford said Ms. Bull once told him you and your parents had a meeting at the start  of September 1959 to plan your classes  where Ms. Bull laid out my terrible Academic Record and advised all concerned I would probably interfere with a beautiful and intelligent girls success going forward, I was an outsider from the Ny and San Francisco slums in a beautiful Middle class Community that stood out like sore thumb with a greasy Elvis hair doo, dark jacket , t-shirt, pegged levis and white buck shoes. I remember the day we broke up and I took back my ring and dropped it over the outside walkway rail onto the dirt. Later that morning I went back to get it and it was gone? The next day we gave back each others  pictures and letters and you blurted out in a sweet way "You fibbed to me". "I said about what?" You said "Your grades last year". That alerted me to the fact that my grades had been discussed recently and had never been a problem before. I was so angry I demanded my delicate gold necklace back and I shoved  it into the adjacent garbage can because I knew you liked it. We only spoke two weeks later, on my birthday, on the school bus going to the Santa Clara football game when you said you broke up with me because your father said it was him or me. I spoke to the boy you brought with you to do the exchange, Ponce, and he told me some information about what was said after I left. I have always wondered why you came to school that morning wearing my ring, what happened to the ring after I tossed it




From 1960-2019 N0 One Ever Wanted to go on stage before me or after me, I wonder why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!